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eThekwini ECOPEACE

Buhlakuleni uButhi,   Yitshaleni iMithi               Uproot Poisons, Grow Trees

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eThekwini ECOPEACE is an environmental action collective based in Durban, South Africa.

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Our primary objective is the re-establishment of a healthy environment, since without it there can be no healthy individual, no healthy society and therefore no healthy economy

Open debate and co-operation, not conflict, must be encouraged

If you believe in a sustainable lifestyle and/or are frustrated with the state of local politics you may be interested in being represented by a councilor at Metro level. You can do this by voting for our candidates on  5 December 2000. We are standing in 100 wards in the Durban Metro and although we may not directly win these wards, we are hoping to get enough votes to get at least one person onto the Metro Council ( with the proportional representation we receive ). We realise that the main parties will win most of the wards and this is why we feel it is important for genuine participative democracy, that people with alternative viewpoints are also elected onto, and therefore represented at, Metro. 



Below is a summary of our Manifesto :

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We stand for :

. Alternative fuels program - Usage of biodiesel, solar, wind, biogas, ethanol from hemp/sugarcane

. Local Economic Trading Systems (LETS) - Options for exchanging skills, not money

. Rates Reform - Remuneration for recycling and/or household generation of energy (solar, wind, biogas)

. Creation of urban community gardens - Urban land for food growth and permaculture

. Teacher training improvements - Providing access to alternative methods (Steiner, Montessori...)

. Safe and diverse public transport - Allow people who want to use it, safe and reliable choices

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. Drastic reduction in pollution - Zero waste policy involving dealing with waste at source

. Food issues - Food labeling; a halt to genetically modified frankenfoods; implementing organic solutions

. Diversity before monoculture - Rebates for people farming holistically; penalties for use of pesticides

. Bicycle facilities -City cycle paths;workplace showers;bicycle lock-ups;trains/buses with free bike spaces

. Banning importation of toxic waste - Ensuring safety of our workers and communities near factories/dumps

. Debate on decriminalization of sex workers and hemp - Review all issues; open debate; end harassment

. Participatory democracy - Creation of structures that will ensure collective decision making

. Community feedback - Elected candidates to meet regularly with the communities they represent

. Political integrity - Performance based salary not remuneration guaranteed positions; rotation on 1 year term

. Non-violence - Resolving any conflict with Gandhian principles thereby increasing self-worth of all concerned

. Exposing the HIV/AIDS genocide - Openly providing statistics and exposing the virus's results

. Justice reforms - Short term program for overcoming backlogs; Meaningful offender rehabilitation

. Demilitarization campaign - Criminalizing the arms trade; diverting military spending into the projects above


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Our policies will be underpinned by the following viewpoints:

. We have constantly changed our environment far beyond our needs until we now threaten our own survival and that of many other species. Political change is needed or we face extinction.

. Force and wealth must be replaced by new symbols of power. A change from income and possession as measures of wealth, to a concern for health and well-being, is necessary for ecological rehabilitation.

. Violence and factionalism must be overcome to create a better life for all. We need to nurture positive African values of solidarity, self-help, equity and organic relation to nature. Trust and caring are needed for self-reliance, co-operation, autonomy and responsibility.

. Improvements in quality of life, vitality and well-being, and diversity of the natural environment are the foundations of future wealth. We have to choose life affirming, sustainable, long term solutions, and invest in long term research and development projects, rather than look for quick-fix cheap alternatives. We need to recognise and encourage environmental achievements, not views limited to a term of office.

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If you decide to vote for us, then look out for this logo on the Durban Metro election ballot papers

CANDIDATES for Durban Metro Elections of 5 / 12 / 2000

Shirley Moon 80 Arundel Rd Hillary 4094   4644718(h) 0828772052 WARD 24
Xane Msomi 449 Oliver Lea Drive Umbilo 4001  4657129 WARD 26
Caro Standing Clarke Rd  Glenwood 2016359 WARD 31
Andrew Nunn 88 Cherry Ave Berea 4001 2074262(h) 9077210(fax)  WARD 32
Ben Welgemoed 199 Rosary Rd  Kenville 5636475 WARD 34
Chantal Christopher 8 Davison Place  Greenwood Park 4051 5633799(h) WARD 35
Gilles McDavid       WARD 36
M.C. Thusi   032 9454023 0837455306 WARD   61
Karen Read 16 Dickens Rd  Mnt Vernon    4645022(h) 4640667(w) WARD 65
Michael Graaf 170 Brand Rd  Glenwood  2010845 ALL OTHER WARDS

You might be interested to know that all pamphlets, posters, banners, web-page designs and election deposits are paid for personally by members of the collective


Contact members

Karen Read    4640667   4645022(a/h)

Michael Graaf    2010845

Alan Murphy    4657129

Are you interested in becoming a collective member and/or voting for us, or just finding out more about us ?

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